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Wooden House

This Course is for you if...

You are an.... Architect, General Contractor, Builder, House Flipper, or consumer going through a home renovation.

Insulation Installation

This course will transform your career by...

  • It will help you up level your business by differentiating yourself from the competition and help set yourself apart in your field.  How many people in your field can say they are literate in toxins and can help you build a beautiful space that is also healthy for the whole family?  Not many!!  

  • It will help you carve out your own nice in the growing healthy homes space.  You have the ability to create your own niche in the healthy home space

  • It will help you attract new opportunities and client base.  

  • It will help you help establish you as expert and authority in your niche

  • It will help you create a new lens for your professional process.

  • It will help you design beautiful living spaces that have a clients health in mind.

  • It will provide  you with the knowledge to help your client or yourself create a beautiful & healthy living spaces filled with less toxic decor. 

Floor Installation
  • Arm you with the knowledge about toxins so you can confidently talk through better building material options with your clients.

  • Delve into the low toxin & sustainable products markets that are growing tremendously. 

  • Introduce you to brands that are prioritizing the health of people & our planet

Paint and Brush
Paint the Walls

This course will...

What You Get!**

  • 8 Self Paced Modules

  • White Label Handouts that detail what to look for in a product by category

  • List of Brands for each category discussed in an easy database format

  • Access to our Facebook Community where you will be able to discuss products and new brands with others in the field.

  • Upon completion, your name and business will be featured in our professional network directory so that people looking for someone with your skillset can work with you.

  • Professional certificate that you can use in advertising as well as list on your website, and professional networking sites.

** Module amounts may vary, course topics covered remain the same.

Image by charlesdeluvio
Image by Taylor Wilcox

Module Breakdown

  • Module 1: Introduction,

  • Module 2: Why This Matters

  • Module 3: Intro to Design: Paints, Wallpaper, & Stains

  • Module 4: Flooring

  • Module 5: Walls

  • Module 6: Wood

  • Module 7: Healthy Additions

  • Module 8: Mindset & Application 

Image by Phil

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