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It's Time to Design with Health in Mind

Image by Fan Lyu

Passionate about creating dream spaces for clients and want to learn more about how your work can optimize human health?   

If you are looking to uplevel your business, learn about industry trends, carve out your own niche, or simply learn how to create a healthier environment for your family, these courses are for you.  These courses were created to help you design healthier spaces with less toxic & more sustainable products.  Pull up a chair, put on your learning cap and get ready to dramatically shift your view of interior design, decor, and building by overlaying the lens of environmental health to your current process. 

Interior Design

Meet the Programs

Image by Sofy M. | halftoneco

Environmental Health x Mindful Decor

This course will delve into the products you bring into a space that make it feel like a home.  It will help you understand where the toxins are, and what to look for in a better product.  

Image by Hutomo Abrianto

Environmental Health x Mindful Builds

This will be your crash course on building materials used to create a space.  It will help you understand what materials are toxic, and what are better options when building spaces for clients.

Image by Yoann Siloine
Image by Avel Chuklanov

Since toxins are a primary driver of disease, those designing spaces have the ability to create environments that foster health by choosing safer building materials and decor.

Make your Mark!

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